Whether you are part of an Adult Entertainment Network, or design and build your own Adult sites using licensed DVD content, or exclusive content, we can help! We can deliver your content, in the format you need, in the quality your surfers demand, quicker and easier than you can do it yourself. Spend your time on your design, marketing, and affiliates, let us handle your content encoding needs.

Imagine you have a full library of exclusive content as well as a whole list of non-exclusive content, ready to build the program of your dreams. But they are all sitting in a pile of DVD's or in raw video format. In order to be competitive with your competition and retain your members, you are going to have to take that one video, and encode it to multiple formats at multiple sizes to fully accommodate your user base. Imagine the immense time and computing power it will take to render just one 30 minute video to all the different formats and sizes, including splitting the files into smaller sizes for your dialup users. It can take months of rendering time just do process all your content, not to mention all the storage space you will need to mess with it all. We have the ability to turn your content job into a snap. Tell us what you want done, or we will give you suggestions based on your target members. We have the power to make it happen quicker and easier than ever imagined, while still retaining the quality you demand.

We have all done it… Created a site with only one or two video formats, then either decided that you want a higher quality version for all the new broadband customers, or maybe you want to now offer a smaller streaming WMV version of every video on your site. You are dreading having to re-encode everything you have, so you put it off. Well no more! We can tackle this job with ease. Depending on the complexities of the job, we can usually have your job completed and uploaded to your server before you know it.

Want to offer your webmasters gallery content that is split into smaller size videos that are ready to be used for gallery submission? Want to have your own gallery content premade for you to submit? We can help you with the project by customizing gallery video packages for each scene on your site.

If you can dream it, we will try to encode it. If there is a new video format that you want to deliver your content in, we can help you realize those desires and get it finished sooner than you could alone. Weather its just a small job or a job that is bigger than you think you can tackle, we have the equipment and power to get it done, and get it done right, in the time frame you want.

Looking for super high quality videos? We can encode your videos to Divx, Xvid or WMV using high bitrates to really make your content stand out from the rest. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your videos when there are so many options for encoding. We can help you choose the one that is best for your project.

Want to offer a smaller version of your videos for those who don’t have the luxury of a broadband connection? Or just plain don’t want to wait. We can help you find a format that will either allow your members to only download the section of the video you want, or even allow them to view the video from beginning to end while its still downloading to their computer.

Want to add some value to your site by offering video formats that people can use on their Apple Ipods? Or Sony PSPs? Or any other portable media device. We can encode your content using these new and innovative delivery techniques.

Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of our work and will strive to deliver your product to your specifications the first time, and in a timely manner. If we fail to deliver your content in a manner that is satisfactory to you, we will work with you till its done right. That is our promise to you.

AE - Kevin
Adult Encoders.com