At Duke Dollars we are set up to encode a vast amount of videos. After acquiring some online properties, our encoding machines became over-whelmed. I sought out a reliable and trustworthy company to encode a large number of videos. Adult Encoders did just that, and had all of the videos finished and at my door before the promised date, and more importantly, they did the job right.

Duke, DukeDollars.com

Wild West Cash uses Adult Encoders regularly for preparing the bonus material in our members areas. Their work is always done quickly and to our exact specifications.  I would recommend them to anyone for high-quality DVD encoding.


Owner, Wild West Cash

Kevin at AE has always provided us here at digital velvet, with a professional, efficient and friendly service.Good value and excellent quality of work is what we like and definitely what we got.

Andre Anthony, ClubGape.com

Case Studies


The Issues:
ZTOD needed a number of things done, first, their entire members area was encoded with DRM which caused problems from the start. They wanted to add new formats, and many DVD's lacked the proper number of thumbnails that they desired for their new layout. They also desired a long term partner for processing future updates in a timely manner.

The Solution:
Adult Encoders and ZTOD decided to scrap all the old content and start fresh, AE ripped the entire existing library of DVD's for ZTOD and encoded with watermarks to the 4 new formats that they desired with no DRM. In addition we provided them with new thumbnails to display on the tour and members area. AE now processes all new DVD releases for ZTOD.com

3rdMovies & Black Ice

The Issues:
3rdMovies and Black Ice were under different levels of development when AE started our relationship with them. BlackIce needed all DVD's ripped and encoded, and 3rdMovies needed a significant portion either re-ripped or newly ripped. They also desired thumbnails for each scene taken from the raw MPEG2.

The Solution:
Adult Encoders was able to rip and encode both libraries to the desired 4 formats with watermark and thumbs and deliver the job on portable hard drives in a matter of weeks. AE now processes all new DVD releases for both BlackIce and 3rdMovies, which are generally uploaded directly to their content server.

Deluxepass & Videosz

The Issues:
Deluxepass and Videosz had a number of studios for which they had hundreds to thousands of DVD's that needed to be encoded. In the case of Deluxepass there were many older rips that had outstanding issues from years prior, or that were never ripped in the first place. Videosz was also missing many DVD's from these large studio lines. In addition to 3 formats with watermarks, they also needed thumbnails for every scene involved.

The Solution:
Ripping and encoding 1400 DVD's: A daunting task on many fronts... Ripping each DVD can take upwards of 10 to 20 minutes even on the fastest DVD drive (roughly 350 hours or 14 days of "computing time" in this case) at that point you either have multiple chapters that are incorrectly split and have to be joined or cut by hand, or one large raw file with no cuts and still has to be manually edited to be cleaned properly. This process alone is extremely time and labor intensive, afterall who wants scenes that have junk at the ends of them. From there you are looking at space requirements of up to 10 gigs per DVD after proper editing. Multiply that by 1400 DVD's and you have temporary storage requirements of up to 14 Terabytes, this is even before any encoding has started, which will again require even more storage space for the resulting compressed files. Then we get to the encoding process, on a normal computer with average scene length of 25 minutes, encoding time per scene can range from 30 minutes to over 2 hours depending on codec and settings. With DVD's averaging 5 scenes each, and in this case with 3 total output formats. (1400 DVD's x 5 scenes each = 7000 scenes x 3 final outputs = 21,000 files to encode! multiply that by even 30 minutes of encode time per file you are at 10,500 hours or 437 days of encoding time!!)

With Adult Encoders massive processing power, huge storage allocation, and expert job management, we completed this job in record time. From the initial ripping process, to delivery of 21,000 encoded scenes including thumbnails, we completed the job in under 2 months. Today, with expanded resources and advances in our process, the job time on large jobs is reduced even more. (depending on job requirements)

Duke Dollars format addition

The Issues:
Duke Dollars desired to offer their members a new format choice, namely a Windows Media format that the members could view inside the browser without having to first download. Transcoding 4 members areas with hundreds of scenes in each would take valuable time away from more important tasks that managing a program brings.

The Solution:
Duke Dollars already had a high quality mpeg file for each scene that was suitable for format conversion. Adult Encoders was able to download, convert, and upload every scene in the network within 3 days. A quick and easy solution to a huge headache.