All prices are for general informational purposes only. There are possibilities for volume discounts for higher volume jobs or more format outputs. Please contact us for more accurate information. Adult Encoders pledges to match or beat any reasonable competitor quote.

$25 per DVD encoded to the single codec of choice.
(Includes up to 6 scenes, DVDs with more scenes are priced at $5 per extra scene)

$5 per Individual scene encoded to the single codec of choice, up to about 30 minutes. Videos over 30 min may induce a higher fee.

$10 Per Single Scene split into 20 second mpeg or WMV files at 1.5Mb each. Includes thumbnail for each section.

$10 per single scene split into the specified number of files, typically rendered to either WMV or MPEG, includes 1 thumbnail per section.

Video Watermarking:
+ Add $2 per DVD
+ Add $.40 per Scene.
Includes either a custom watermark or a customer supplied watermark.

Video Splitting:
Contact for Pricing based on the work you need done.

For most larger jobs we ship the final job on hard drives, these can be sent directly to you, or to your webhost.

Three options:
#1 We ship your content on OUR drives and you send the drive back
#2 We ship your content on OUR drives and you keep the drive
#3 You
give us a drive and we ship the content to you on that drive

+ Shipping fees and the cost of any not returned hard drive will be included on the invoice

DVD delivery:
$5 per DVD needed to deliver content in data format.
+ Shipping fees are extra.

We give FREE content delivery to any FTP you choose!

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Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of our work and will strive to deliver your product to your specifications the first time, and in a timely manner. If we fail to deliver your content in a manner that is satisfactory to you, we will work with you till its done right. That is our promise to you.

AE - Kevin